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Ilkley Podiatry

Latest Update:


I have been open throughout the Covid 19 pandemic as an exempt profession with a duty of care to patients.

Although to date most restrictions have been lifted I, in addition to my usual infection control procedures, continue to allow longer gaps between appointments to allow cleaning of the clinic and to avoid cross-infection between patients, I still use a screen between myself and the patient and I allow plenty of ventilation.

I would ask that patients try to arrive on time for their appointment and, if they are early, to wait in the corridor until deep cleaning has taken place.


I do not insist on the wearing of a face mask but have masks available if either my patient or I prefers that we both wear one.

I would ask that if patients are showing any signs of infectious illness that they rearrange their appointment until they are well.

Please rest assured that I am continuing to monitor this situation closely and will, as always, adapt my practice according to the guidance.

Thank you!

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