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Thank you so much for your painstaking work on my foot, Tamsin. I can’t tell you how much more comfortable it was to walk home!
I truly appreciate it.


Very many thanks for seeing me at such short notice last Friday morning and treating my painful big toe.

I am now more or less pain free, and it has made walking with my surgical boot much easier.

Very many thanks.


Tamsin, I was so comfortable walking on the moor this morning! I bless the day I found your business details! Thank you!


Thank you for being kind and generous enough to allow me to watch you work. I have learned a great deal and have really enjoyed meeting you (final year Podiatry student)


Was very impressed with the measures Tamsin has in place to keep her patients and clinic COVID-19 free. Felt very reassured and confident at my appointment today. Well done Tamsin!


Thanks for your time and treatment. My feet have never looked or felt more beautiful.


I can’t thank you enough for seeing me and for the great work you have done. My foot already feels so much better than it did, and I feel greatly reassured about the health of the nailbed. I hope to be able to see you on a more regular basis in future. Many thanks.


Tamsin is a miracle worker! My foot was so painful I couldn't walk on it at all. Two days later I'm right as rain! Thanks!


Tamsin! Just wanted to let you know that my orthotics have worked miracles. I haven’t had any pain walking whatsoever since I got them. Thank you so much, I’m obsessed with them! Appreciate your help in solving the problem


After years of unsuccessful NHS treatment, you cured me in one session. Thank you.


Your orthotics have really improved my running and eliminated my injury. Fantastic


LOVE the new clinic - very professional yet cosy.


A couple of years ago I realised that Tamsin could provide me with STRIVE footwear which has an inbuilt orthotic element. For summer sandals and pull-on shoes, this meant freedom from my much-needed orthotic inserts. I am THRILLED with the result! I now have a totally flexible solution, using my orthotics where I can, but using the STRIVE options elsewhere: their sandals are gorgeous as well as comfortable. I have worn them so much that I have just ordered my second pair. BIG THANKS to Tamsin for enabling me never to be embarrassed by a limited footwear choice. I highly recommend the STRIVE range!


I just thought I would drop you a line to thank you ever so much for treating my mum’s feet. She is over the moon and hasn’t stopped singing your praises.


I am in Canada and have been on your website. I have had multiple issues with my lower back and legs, and was pleased to see your description of flat feet mention back problems! I have had MANY therapists tell me that mine were unrelated, then when I got new orthotics and better shoes my back and leg pains reduced greatly. Thank you!


Thank you Tamsin for your continuing care. For several years I've suffered with an uncomfortable and unsightly fungal growth. I've been lucky in that it only affected one toenail, and spent a lot on over the counter treatment. Your visits for the last few months have removed the last section of this. THANK YOU so much.


Thanks Tamsin for your expert help this summer. I have been wearing my insoles almost continuously now for two months and have found them to be a great help. I did lots of long days in the Scottish Hills in September and was so pleased not to be suffering from aching feet. So much better. Thanks again


Tamsin treated my nails recently and to say that she has made a massive difference to me is understating matters. She took great care and trimmed the nails so for the first time in years my nails no longer snag on the bedding. Pure comfort at last. Thank you. Highly recommended


Tamsin has worked miracles with my feet - a few years ago I could not walk without hobbling - a persistent corn was the trouble. That has now completely gone, but I continue the visits to make sure it never returns - anyway, the foot massage alone is worth it!


A huge Thank You from all of us; not only for looking after Mum's feet but also for your wonderful kindness.


The shoe inserts have helped so much, thanks for all the amazing help. Cheers


Your diagnosis was spot on. Thank you so much, I feel better now I know what it is.


Every time I visit, I feel as if I'm coming away with a new pair of feet. Brilliant treatment as always.


Very caring and professional and looks more into the cause of problems as well as alleviating them.


You fitted me with some orthotics and they have been great and I'm running with no problems now.


I really appreciated the treatment and advice I received and look forward to seeing you again.


Thank you for both your professionalism and your kindness.


After your treatment I was able to walk down into town and back without foot pain for the first time in ages. Thank you

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