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Ilkley Podiatry

This lists some common disorders for which treatments are available at the clinic. For more detailed information please go to the Common Foot Disorders page.

Below are a few of the more common problems treated at the clinic, but this list is by no means


Biomechanical disorders. Symptoms can include foot, ankle, knee, hip and back pain, recurring corns, sports injuries etc

Bunions/ Hallux valgus

Corns and Calluses

Metatarsalgia Nail disorders. Including thickened nails, ingrowing toe-nails, fungal nail infections

Pes plano valgus/ flat foot Plantar Fasciitis/ heel pain syndrome

Skin Conditions. Including athletes foot, chilblains etc

Verrucae. Treatments include child-friendly, painless methods, chemical cautery and cryosurgery.

Further information on these and other conditions is available on this website (see Common Foot

A routine Chiropody consultation takes about 30 minutes and includes nail trimming and attention to any nail disorders, removal of corns, calluses and rough skin and a therapeutic foot massage. Attention will also be paid to any specific problems, such as verrucae, and general advice is always available.


Nail surgery, performed under local anaesthetic, takes about 45 minutes including the preliminary
paperwork and the post-operative advice.


A biomechanical assessment takes about 1 hour and includes a gait and stance analysis, measurement of degrees of motion in the foot and ankle and within specific joints, casting of the feet and advice on treatment. If orthotic insoles are considered appropriate a prescription is sent to the orthotics laboratory where a bespoke pair of orthotics will be produced.

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